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リコーダー 公開レッスン 要予約(抽選)

 [レッスン料] 1枠50分
  ・個人   12,000円
  ・グループ 15,000円

 [聴講] 1,000円(1枠)


Open Recorder Lesson
by Mr.Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka
[Lesson fee]
 Private : 12,000yen
 Group : 15,000yen
[Audit fee] 1,000yen(one lesson)

You need to apply to Open Recorder Lesson in advance.


タイムテーブル Time Table

①13:00~ 個人


ソナタ Op.5-11 ト長調

②14:00~ 個人


組曲 Op.5-3 ヘ長調

③15:00~ 個人


リコーダーソナタ ニ短調

④13:00~ 個人


忠実な音楽の師 リコーダーソナタ イ長調 TWV41:B3


⑤14:00~ 個人


パルティータ 3番より ガボット、ジーグ BWV1006

⑥15:00~ 個人


忠実な音楽の師 リコーダーソナタ ヘ長調 TWV41:F2

山岡 重治 リコーダー

Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka ( recorder )
After studying Science and Engineering at Waseda University, Tokyo-born Shigeharu Yamaoka entered the prestigious Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel, Switzerland, in 1973, where he studied recorder with Hans-Martin Linde and Jeanette van Wingerden. From 1979 he studied recorder with Ricardo Kanji and recorder making with Frederick Morgan at the Royal Conservatory of Music in the Hague, Holland. He won the first prize in the ensemble section at the 1975 Bruges International Music Festival, the third prize (the highest awarded that year) in the recorder section at the 1978 Munich International Music Festival, and continued to perform across Europe until his return to Japan in 1980. Since then he has played a leading role in that country's flourishing early music scene and has also appeared in early music festivals in Korea, New Zealand and Italy. His recordings include the complete sonatas of Handel (ALM Kojima), the award-winning French Music (Meister Music), Bach Partitas and Corelli Sonatas etc. A highly respected maker, under the name of Hirao, his instruments are played by many leading soloists thoughout the world. He is Musical Director of the ensemble LES CINQ SENS , plays regularly with the Bach Collegium Japan, and is a guest professor at Ueno Gakuen University and a lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.



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