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平尾 重治
Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka

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平尾 清治
Seiji Hirao


Hirao Recorder Workshop was founded by Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka in 1980. It marks the 30th anniversary in 2010. Researching and based on the originals, we make recorders of the first order that respond to the needs of players today.
We believe there should be two important stances to make recorders based on the originals. First of all, it is definitely necessary to pursue the original condition. As is known, the original recorders surviving today have varied across the ages to a lesser or greater degree, and also some of them have even been altered by later generation. We take these changes into consideration and keep seeking how the originals were of that time. The other stance is to prepare for meeting players' demand. We are setting ourselves the task of making instruments that are the most suitable for practical and professional use, retaining the originals' concept.
New models are developed in recent years; Bressan Alto in G [2009], Heitz Alto [2010], Stanesby Jr. Soprano (a'=442) [2011], Stanesby Jr. Soprano in D and in C (a’=415 ) [2012], and Terton Alto [2013].

E-mail: workshop@hirao-recorder.com
Website: http://hirao-recorder.com/

展示会スケジュール Exhibition schedule

[展示者] 平尾 重治、平尾 清治
[展示期間] 11/28, 29, 30
[展示内容] 楽器:リコーダー、CD、その他(楽器ケース)
[デモンストレーション] 11/28

[Exhibitor] Shigeharu Hirao-Yamaoka, Seiji Hirao
[Items] Instruments(Recorder)、CDs、Others(Cases)
[Demonstration] 11/28

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Anrieu Recorder Festival : Main contact point
Anrieu Recorer Gallery
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