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Joachim Rohmer




1980 : after school-leaving examination, apprenticeship in recorder-making at Moeck-Factory
June 1983 : apprenticeship successfully finished
June 1983 – June 1986 : Working at Moeck-Factory as a recorder-maker
December 1986 : Opening the Rohmer-Workshop for finest handmade recorders
2001 : Engaging a second recorder-maker in order to cope with the consequently growing market for the Rohmer-Workshop
2005 – 2008 : Apprenticeship for a third young man (Micha Silkenat) as a recorder-maker at the Rohmer-Workshop
2008 - .....2011 : 3 recorder-makers working fulltime at the Rohmer-Workshop
From April 2011 up to now Joachim Rohmer and his co-worker Micha Silkenat have been running the Rohmer-Recorders Workshop.

Philosophy of recorder making at Rohmer-Recorders:
Recorder making is a mixture of best handcrafting with material and tools by permanently communicating with each instrument while the process of making. Every single step in the process of making is part of this inner correspondence – so there is no computer-organized process or machinery used at our workshop.... – the best we can do is to use our living experience and skills and love for the sound of our instruments.

Website: www.rohmer-recorders.de
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Rohmer.Recorders

展示会スケジュール Exhibition schedule

[展示者] ヨアヒム・ローマー
[展示期間] 11/28, 29, 30
[展示内容] 楽器(リコーダー)
[デモンストレーション] -

[Exhibitor] Joachim Rohmer
[Items] Instruments(Recorder)
[Demonstration] -

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